Wednesday, February 2, 2011

censorship of nudity in anime on the web and cable channels

SyFy,Hulu and Funimation are censoring nudity on the anime broadcast or stream on their channel or websites if you want see the uncensored anime you have to subscribe to their websites and pay for watching them if you don't have the extra money your out of luck and with the problems that Blockbuster and Video Ave have your ability to watch mature content anime espeically here in Puerto Rico about impossible since the above mention video rental stores have cut back their anime section in their stores. We can thank the economy for this we are reduce to being treated like immature children in our program choices if we don't have the money to pay for the extra service.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Tuson Arizona shooting

The darkness continues to fall accross America with the wounding and near assassination of Congresswom Gabeille Giffords and the assassination of Judge John M.Role a conservatite but fair and honest man plus the killing or assassination of the nine year old Christina-Taylor Green a up and coming future political figure in our government even before she could cast her first vote in another nine years by Jared Lee Loughner seems strange since she was shot whide standing up and in the chest instead of the head as you might expect and with a sem-automatic nine mm. pistol. This does not strike me as the actions of a so called lone nut the usual excuss for these events. He had to lower the gun to hit the girl in the chest . I also read on the net on Phantoms and Monsters that may have due his mental problems if that is to be belived he was turned into a Manchurian Canadate because there was a military base near where he lived that delt in mind control experments. This issue should be looked into because it poseis athreat to country and the world.